India, as a developing country faces many challenges like Poverty, Illiteracy, Malnutrition, an Exploding Population, Caste System, Poor Education, Health Issues, Bonded Labor, Financial Exclusion, etc. The scarce resources we have, means that we have to focus and resolve issues in depth, rather than attempt generalized solutions to these issues.

We decided to focus on education, because it is a fundamental right, that will touch the lives of millions of poverty stricken Indians, if we succeed. There is a clear evidence of a strong link between nation’s character & material development and education. There are some clear, obvious ways in which education stimulates development.

For example: Education leads to smaller family size, which enables families to provide for their (fewer) children better, having more resources to spend on educating each child.

It also leads to mothers being more informed, and knowing how to cope with childhood illnesses better. It means that parents can administer medicines efficiently because it enables them to read the instructions on the bottles, and leads also to cleaner, more hygienic homes, and so less illness to begin with. Health care is also vitally necessary for such developments and is entirely complementary to education as better healthcare directly correlates to higher school attendance.

Good education helps us to efficiently think through problems, including problems that require cooperation to solve, like local disputes, and the greater problems of disease, environment and population control. It has been seen as fundamental to increasing earning potential and to the acquisition and use of new skills.

Education does usually & inevitably lead to important social changes, for example in the reduction of child marriages, female infanticide and other traditional unhealthy practices like dowry and sati.

At Svatantra, our vision is to build model schools to provide free quality education to under privileged children living in slums & in rural India. Our endeavour is to provide one free mid day meal which improves the children’s nutritional status, scholastic performance, enrolment, attendance, retention & reduces drop out rates. We dream of opening at least 10 such schools in the next 5 years to create maximum possible impact by educating over 5000 children. This calls for financial support from generous donors who wish to invest via educational charities like ours. Besides making a one time financial contribution, you can also Sponsor a Child Education and expenses, on an ongoing basis, and make a difference to that child and her family.

Mr. Chandrasekhar – Managing Trustee – believes education helped him to succeed & made that critical difference in his life. He brings with him 25 years of rich experience gained from establishing, developing & managing a healthcare business operating in the Indian & International arena


The emphasis is on girl education. Today’s girl is tomorrow’s mother. In the Indian context, a woman makes tremendous social & economic impact as she is responsible for the upbringing of children who will become the leaders of tomorrow.

India has to fight deeply entrenched social evils like child marriage, purdah, dowry, female infanticide, discriminatins against girl child education – all further debilitated by extreme poverty & illiteracy.

We believe the best way to turn things around is by educating the girl child & not by reservations in panchayats and parliament alone. Empowerments have been more successful when women are put in the forefront, as in the case of microfinance schemes, businesses run by women entrepreneurs and schemes like women self help groups. Many of the government rural development programmes like population control, polio eradication and operation flood are successful due to the participation of women. So educating the girl child would amount to educating the family, society & ultimately lead to educating India. You can sponsor a child via Svatantra.