Currently India ranks a poor 112 in the global child development index. We the trustees are determined to change this in our own small way, and Vidyadaan was born from this thought.

“Vidyadaan” is a small school managed by a Trust “Svatantra” made up of people committed to the ideal that all children should receive free, quality education. Trustees are dedicated to developing in children critical thinking skills & ingraining in them high moral values & ethical practices. We have come together to start a school for the poor rural children. The major challenge was to gain the trust of the parents, the villages around the school & show them the gains of education & how it can change their lives.

Having gained their confidence, the school is now functioning, with more than 350 children from Lower kindergarten to 6th grade. School has been built in a 4 Acre land in the village of Shivapura , located in the outskirts of Bangalore, in Doddaballapur district, in Karnataka, approximately 50 kilometers north of Bangalore. In this area there are few fee-paying schools, but most of these are not accessible to the poorest families. There are lot of Govt. schools, too. All children are from surrounding villages.


Our programmes have enabled disadvantaged parents to recognize the benefits of education & given them hope for a brighter future for their children. All our campaigns starting with creating parent awareness towards education, enrolling Underprivileged Children, providing transportation, free uniforms, free nutritious meals, providing free education & books help us meet our vision for free rural quality education.Currently all the children are being educated in groups of less than 25 students per section. Students starting from the age of 4+years receive free quality primary education, healthcare & nutrition. All children are 1st generation learners who don’t have access to or can afford high quality education. The children are taught by committed & qualified teachers who facilitate learning in English as a medium of instruction.

The objective of the school is take education beyond literacy & rudimentary skills, strive to make children speak English fluently, adept in computer skills, help them realize their potential, make them change agents in the villages through moral education at the same time preserving village identity & culture.

The school built in a lesser developed Bangalore rural district 50 kms from the city and aims to add 1 grade every year, upto grade 10. This model would help a student who enrolls in Lkg to free continuous education in our school till grade 10, imbibe the teachings & values to become a responsible & honest citizen of the country.


We plan to introduce a diverse curriculum, starting with the core subjects but expanding and growing as we develop. We stress on personality development of each child, and to bring out their strengths, rather than turning out a product. The school distances itself from the competitive performance based teaching techniques of rote learning & intends to develop critical thinking for better & informed decision making skills. Soft skills training, leadership development, societal engagement for better understanding of socio-commercial issues are all part of our education process.