A large country like India often struggles with development because of the varied pressures on its resources and the difficulties to execute at the ground level the true spirit of the policies that a government intends. One area that has fallen far behind is education, and despite well-meaning policy directives like the ‘Right to Education’, reality is like a splash of cold water, sobering in its truth. While urban India has seen some gains like new schools, better school infrastructure and more teachers, the situation in rural India has not changed much and children often do not have access to schools or learning and remain condemned to lives of poverty brought upon by a lack of awareness of the possibilities in the world around them.

This is where Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have a strong role to play, in educating the children of rural India and to help create a better future for them.

Each NGO in Education Sector makes a difference to the lives of the children they educate. Our belief is that we can change the face of rural India, one school at a time. Basic literacy and knowledge of the arts and sciences is one aspect of education. Providing a fulfilling environment that nourishes the abilities of a child and which instils a sense of self-worth, security and a sense of national identity, which makes them valuable citizens of the country and the world, is the true goal of all education.


We are an NGO in education sector and each of our schools, starting with Vidyadaan, is an attempt to create this new future for our rural children. Our school programs are designed to fit into the lives of rural families and to gradually build the qualities that will lift them from the abject poverty that surrounds them. We create environments that help children learn from their own lives and through situations and settings that are familiar to them. What they learn in their classrooms are life lessons they can apply to their own lives. All this, while they have fun, enjoy the company of their classmates and teachers and participate in traditional classroom learning as well.

Our teachers come from the same environments as the students and hence understand the children in a way that no outsider will ever be able to. Teacher training is a key aspect of our ability to deliver experiential learning to the children, a style that mixes theory with practice and involvement, and which helps to reinforce critical learning points. Teacher commitment to the children and their progress is also a very strong success indicator and we do our best to ensure that teachers are chosen as much for their commitment as for their teaching skills.

At Svatantra’s schools, all education is completely free for the children. They are also provided nutritious food, clothes and other basic necessities to ensure that the families of these children are not burdened by their education. NGO Schools like Vidyadaan have generous land for the children to enjoy sports and games. These NGO Schools will remain, forever, temples of learning that attempts to change the lives of all those who cross their portals.

Vidyadaan is our first school and a start on this dream to change the face of rural India, through education, one school at a time. We cannot do it all alone and we invite you to participate by volunteering your time, generously donating to the cause and by espousing the ideal that we must be the change that we want to see around us.

Please get in touch because we look forward to hearing from every one of you who share in our dream.