Free Children Education

Education is taken almost for granted in urban and well to do communities. A child is born, and at age three, is, as a matter of course, enrolled in a school that takes the child through 12 years of study, finishing with junior college. During this period, the child is equipped with the knowledge and skills, the temperament and ethics that will a child career, build successful relationships and to live a comfortable life.

There are usually, no questions about parental support during these growing up years. The child gets everything needs often without asking.

This is in stark contrast to how the poor, especially the rural poor, live. Day to day existence is a struggle that overwhelms all other priorities. In these families, children are co-opted into this struggle very early in their lives often without having a choice and without their consent. It is just the way, their lives flow and it is a destiny they accept.

This does not have to be so. Poor rural children do not go to school because often there is no money to meet school expenses, the parents are unaware of what good education can do to change their lives and sometimes for simple, practical reasons like there being no school nearby.

Svatantra believes these are the important issues that need to be addressed. And we try to address all of them – by teaching the parents the value of good child education and the need to send their children to school, by identifying deserving communities to serve and setting up schools in close proximity to them and finally by offering Free Education at all our School.


Our first school “Vidyadaan”, is located in Doddaballapur district, in Karnataka, approximately 50 kilometres north of Bangalore. It is a small school managed by the Svatantra trust which is made up of people dedicated to the ideal of sustainable development. The goal is to equip the students with competitive science, math and language skills appropriate to their ages and sound ethical and moral values that will help them negotiate the future.

The location of Vidyadaan, is an expression of our goal to serve those children who need the greatest help. The school is located where the few fee-paying schools are beyond the financial reach of the poorest families. All students of Vidyadaan are from the neighbourhood of the school, belonging to families that are extremely poor and depend on daily incomes. The focus of the school is the upliftment of this community through the free education for these children.

The benefits of child education go far beyond the literacy benefits that accrue to the individual children who go to school. It is the societal benefits of educated youth and their collective ambitions, morals and ethics, learnt at school and in their growing years that shape the future of any nation.

Vidyadaan is the first step of a long journey towards the creation of a literate rural India. Several more schools, in different parts of India are on the roadmap and need financial support to become a reality. We are reaching out to all those who share in this dream to come and help us make this a reality. Please get in touch if you believe that you would like to be part of this dream.

Please get in touch because we look forward to hearing from every one of you who share in our dream.