The funding for this project has come initially from private sources & primarily from the Trustees. Trust is approved to get donation under 80G certificate under Indian Income tax act donors can claim tax exemption for at least 50% of their contribution to the Trust. The school has successfully run for over 7 years and has had desired impact of educating 1st generation learners. The school building is sufficient for having classrooms, library, dining hall, audio visual room and computer training facility. We need to build more rooms, well equipped lab, a science tech hub are future expansion plan, which will require sizable funding from individuals & corporate, interested in promoting education in rural areas.

Further the trustees believe that the institutions should outlive them & like minded people should actively participate by volunteering or by generously donating to this cause.


Grades Lkg to 6th
Number of students 350
Full time teachers 19
Contract staff 11
Total receipts & donations for 2015-16 INR 64,92,040
Total payments & expenses for 2012-13 INR 59,78,603


Across many pages on this website, you may have read about the activities of our Trust and our first school, Vidyadaan. Our vision is to empower poor rural children to achieve their potential through good, value oriented education. Donate Funds for Education to our Trust and our school activities, your money will be going to a very worthy cause, managed by a genuinely committed, visionary and hard working group of individuals who have all made this their life goal.

Vidyadaan, our first school, has been running successfully for over 6 years and has had enormous impact in the lives of first generation learners. The school building has sufficient classrooms, a library, a dining hall, and audio visual room and computer training facilities. However, we need to expand facilities as we introduce higher classes. We will need more rooms and more lab equipment and other infrastructure.

Your Donate Funds for Education, via Svatantra, will have great impact on the lives of the children who study in our schools. You will be able to assess their progress and the positive differences you create in their lives via continuous updates that we provide our donors. We manage your money transparently and so you will know exactly how it is being spent.

This is an appeal for Donate Funds for Education and we hope that our work so far provides an example of how we shall continue to use new funds to forge new horizons for these children.