As a donor, you always ask yourself whether your donation is reaching the most important cause, and through the best organization working in your chosen area of contribution.

This page is dedicated to explaining our organization, the Svatantra Trust, our work in the field of education charities through our schools and why we would like to believe that we are among Best Education Charities.

Svatantra is run by a board consisting of people who share in the ideal that education is a great leveller and that free education for the poor is the only way out of poverty and struggle for the majority. This ideal is what drives the activities of the trust and the schools run by it.

Our first school, Vidyadaan, adheres to this ideal as closely as possible and is a remarkable model for what we want to achieve with our other schools.

We believe education must integrate with the backgrounds and cultural settings of the families of students for it to make the biggest impact. Towards this end, the staff and students of Vidyadaan are all from the neighbourhood of the location in which the school has been set up. This cultural homogeneity ensures that the students and teachers understand each other perfectly, leading to a more satisfying and productive experience together.

The standard of curricular studies is on par with those of urban schools. However, there is also a great deal of emphasis on co-curricular activities as well. Sports and games, the arts and cultural activities that deepen our association with our roots are emphasised equally. This wholesomeness to education is what makes it attractive to students and ensures their enthusiastic attendance in class day after day. Rote learning is not what students go to Vidyadaan for.


Svatantra ensures that school infrastructure is good, clean and functional. The school premises represent a model for the villagers to look at, appreciate and to feel proud about the fact that their children study there. School upkeep is expensive. Free uniforms and meals are provided to the children, in order to reduce expenses for parents. This adds to the cost, but the money spent is justified by the results we have been able to achieve. Children are delighted by all that they hear, learn and do, and we use this as a measure of how engaged the students and teachers are. Education is integrated into the lives of little children, not imposed upon them by a stern and authoritative institution.

This is Svatantra’s way forward. One school at a time, each one integrated into the environment they serve, each one promising a rewarding future for every student who studies there and finally, each one built with the vision of a nation empowered by literate rural masses.

The largest contributor to this vision has been Mr.Chandrasekhar, the Managing Trustee himself. His belief is founded on his own experience of having benefited enormously through education. He instituted the Svatantra Trust to be a vehicle to provide the poor with the same means that helped him succeed. All financial requirements of Vidyadaan are largely met by his own personal contributions today. In order to go forth and establish more schools of the same kind, more generous donors are needed, as well as volunteers to help activities at the school.

At the start we said you will want to be fully aware about how the charity you donate to works, in fulfilling your desire to reach out and help. We hope this page has provided some answers to those questions. We welcome you to come to the school and to see for yourself how it is run and what we have achieved thus far. We believe that you will agree that we are one of the best education charities working in India today.

You can also keep in touch via our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/svatantravidyadaan We look forward to you support in this simple but great mission.